This isn’t exactly breaking news. A newspaper reporter losing his job in a corporate restructuring is a dog-bites-man story these days.  So, here I am, looking to transition to a new career.

My last reporting job was at the Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore.  I was a hard news and investigative reporter at the Statesman for 15 years. I specialized in covering business and local government, although I was a pinch hitter for all types of news.

I have an insider’s perspective on the media.  I know what makes an engaging story and understand the obstacles facing journalists working on deadline.

I live in the Willamette Valley and I feel lucky that so many wineries are within a 20-minute drive of my home. I am a winemaker, craft beer enthusiast and aspiring barbecue pitmaster.

This blog will contain shameless self-promotion and some commentary. I hope you enjoy it.

Michael Rose  



  • Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association 2014 Better Newspaper Contest: Second place, Best Coverage of Business and Economic issues
  • Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association 2012 Better Newspaper Contest: First place, Best Enterprise Reporting
  • Best of Gannett 2011 Public Service Award: First place for the “Engineered to Fail” series
  • Society of Professional Journalists, Excellence in Journalism Competition 2011: First place, Investigative Reporting
  • Society of Professional Journalists, Excellence in Journalism Competition 1996: First place, Investigative Reporting
  • Society of Professional Journalists, Excellence in Journalism Competition 1995: First place, Business News

Links to my stories

  • A $34 million office building and bus mall that begins to collapse because of faulty engineering, creating the biggest scandal in town. Red Flags at Courthouse Squarhttp://bit.ly/1ShBlnr
  • Like Oregon’s early role in craft beer, the Beaver State is out in front in craft distilling whiskey, gin and vodka. Craft Distilling  http://bit.ly/1MJBZIb
  • Marion County’s attempt to recycle metal gleaned from garbage incinerator gets off to a rocky start. Instead of making money, it becomes a significant expense for taxpayers.  Ash to cash http://stjr.nl/1MqenFr
  • Seasonal workers wade through a sea of green at Holiday Tree Farms’ Red Prairie Division in Polk County.  Oregon Christmas tree harvest http://bit.ly/1NUlPcD
  • Salem Municipal Airport looks for a Plan B after repeated attempts to attract commercial airlines fail.  New business plan for Salem airport. http://stjr.nl/SNe68m
  • City may relax rules for food trucks, trailers. Salem catches up with food truck craze  http://stjr.nl/1McTtee 
  • Forrest Klaffke made sure the last vintage he ever put in a barrel maintained his uncompromising standards. Winemaker obituary http://bit.ly/1MgsCKU
  • Lurid allegations that aborted fetuses from Canada are being burned with household trash to generate electricity in Oregon stun Marion County officials. Garbage incinerator controversy http://stjr.nl/1hHxjV7
  • Radio systems used by Salem police have been pushed to the brink of obsolescence and need a $15 million fix.  Failing radio system http://stjr.nl/1laPbdx
  • Rent-a-goat? Hoofed critters might graze at city parks. Goats  http://stjr.nl/1zsI5Fz
  • Little known earthen dam flunks state inspection, threatens 40 homes. Dam danger  http://stjr.nl/1LwpI82
  • Ok, this is not the most uplifting story. Rats in a toilet? It happens in Salem http://stjr.nl/1Kc23Ev
  • Timber was once king in Dallas, Ore. but those days are over. The town’s 106-year-old sawmill operation is sold and dismantled. Dallas mill sold for a steal http://bit.ly/2fWJiRm
  • State Police step up to new quarters. Developer constructs a complex of buildings that will become the law enforcement agency’s Northwest Region Headquarters. State Police headquarters. http://stjr.nl/2fKk2iS
  • The state decides to drive harder bargains on real estate leases and saves taxpayers about $19 million. State bargains for better deals http://stjr.nl/1x1cept

Press releases

Yes, I can also do public relations. Here are some examples of press releases I wrote during a temporary gig with the city of Salem.

  • Toxic algae pose a potential hazard to Salem’s drinking water supply, but the city has safeguards in place. Emergency plans for Salem’s water supply.http://bit.ly/1SLhASS
  • Construction of new bike and pedestrian brings shifts into high gear. Minto Island Bridge http://bit.ly/1R1TZNd
  • Salem considers new rules for protecting street trees after public uproar over tree removals. Street trees http://bit.ly/1RupvRV
  • New conceptual master plan shows a vision for a popular Salem park that will soon attract even more walkers, runners, cyclists, and bird-watchers. Minto Brown Island Park  http://bit.ly/1Qv5WOD
  • Mayor’s Task Force devises a Plan B for fixing the seismically unsafe headquarters for city offices, the library and police. New police station  http://bit.ly/1mRCHre

Portland Business Journal stories

A few stories from my Portland Business Journal days.

  • It’s branding time in Oregon’s cattle country. These days, though, it’s more about marketing than bawling calves. Oregon ranchers rope natural beef consumer  http://bit.ly/2f2spEj
  • Federal prosecutors investigate the legacy of a failed company that marketed high-risk investments. Ship of Fools  http://bit.ly/1T8RRVJ
  • An Oregon entrepreneur brings American marketing savvy to a quintessential Japanese business: sake brewing. Oregon sake brewery joint-venture.  http://bit.ly/2fX9A4H
  • It’s new, it’s red, it’s shiny and, best of all, you can afford it. American LaFrance, a manufacturer of fire trucks, rolls out marketing plan that promotes leasing fire engines. Fire trucks for lease http://bit.ly/2eYjTD0
  • The U.S. Army Reserve’s initiative to rebuild as many as 2,000 aging truck tractors delivers a $122.8 million contract to Portland’s Freightliner Corp.  Freightliner deal http://bit.ly/2eYm9Ku
  • Breaking up (ships) is hard to do–safely. Portland company vies for an opportunity to scrap decommissioned warships, but concerns about worker safety and environmental contamination could complicate its plans. Ship breaking http://bit.ly/2fVFkco
  • City of Portland cracks down on illegal residences in industrial buildings. Eastside artists in a quandary  http://bit.ly/2fDIUFd
  • When it comes to protecting rare turtles, it takes thousands of greenbacks to protect a few hundred green backs basking in the sun. Port of Portland development project downshifts to a turtle’s pace.  Turtles http://bit.ly/2fVFJf9
  • Have union, will organize–anyone.  The longshoreman’s union launches an aggressive campaign to win new members in Portland, and looks beyond the docks for prospects. Longshoreman’s union expands members  http://bit.ly/2gSNMu6

Contact Information

My email is mrosedallas@gmail.com

Sending a direct message on Twitter is the fastest way to reach me. My Twitter account is @mrose_nw 

I am on LinkedIn at http://bit.ly/1QJ3LlZ  


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